EVac® 70 Xtra HP Plasma Wand - Advanced Triple-Electrode Technology for Adenotonsillectomy

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The EVac® 70 Xtra HP Wand is a versatile wand that can be used for both tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. It provides ablation, coagulation, irrigation, and suction capabilities in one versatile single-use device.

Features of the EVac 70 Xtra HP Plasma Wand include:

Standard triple-wire active electrode configuration

  • Efficient tissue ablation during ENT surgical procedures
  • Bipolar coagulation for achieving efficient hemostasis

Malleable Wand shaft

  • Adjustable to accommodate variable patient anatomy
  • Access to the choanae during an adenoidectomy procedure

Integrated saline irrigation and suction capabilities

  • Easy device setup and operation
  • Eliminates need for separate operative suction

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