Rapid Rhino® 550 Epistaxis Device - Rapid Rhino® controls epistaxis in minutes

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The Rapid Rhino® 550 unilateral epistaxis device consists of an air-inflatable 5.5 cm balloon intended to control internal nasal bleeding by exerting pressure against the sphenopalatine artery. It has an ultra-low profile and a self-lubricating hydrocolloid fabric covering that provides for ease of insertion and removal of the device.

Features of the Rapid Rhino 550 epistaxis device include:

Highly absorbent, self-lubricating CMC-infused fabric covering

  • Easy to insert and remove after hydration
  • Designed to prevent sticking to tissue or blood clots during removal

Air-inflatable 5.5 cm balloon with pilot cuff

  • Balloon quickly conforms to nasal anatomy
  • Provides gentle and even compression to areas of epistaxis
  • Provides tactile feedback to easily gauge balloon pressure during inflation

Units/Box: 10

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